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We are an authorised distributor of BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG for the countries Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland with product experience since 1986.

We are also an authorised maintenance operator in accordance with EASA: DE.145.0318 and a BRP-Rotax authorised organisation for overhaul of certified ROTAX 4-stroke aircraft engines and of UL ROTAX 2- and 4-stroke aircraft engines.

We have an extensive stock of ROTAX spare parts and aircraft engines, and we offer a program for the exchange of ROTAX aircraft engines and gearboxes.

More time in the air Enjoy the longer flight range due to the fuel efficient Technology and hassle-free Operation of
your Rotax aircraft engine
Peace of mind The Rotax Extened Service Terms (R.E.S.T.) offering a warranty up to 5 years or 2,000 hrs for Rotax 4-stroke
aircraft engines will help you to ensure your peace of mind
Experience More than 175,000 aircraft engines sold since 1975, active fleet more of than 40,000 Rotax aircraft engines
Engine robustness The liquid and air cooled engine Technology enable emrgency running functions and allow better descent rates
Ease of use ROTAX aircraft enginesw reduce the workload of the pilot. Less complicated starting procedures
and no leaning during flight is required
Technical support More than 2,000 trained iRMTs (Independent Rotax Maintenance Technicians) and free downloadable
documentation provide technical Support worldwide
Low Operating Costs Operators of Rotax engines benefit from the improved fuel efficiency and
approved usage of MOGAS and E10
Useful Load Best power to weight Ratio in ist class and fuel Efficiency increase the useful load
Quality BRP's facility in Gunskirchen meets Design and Production Organisation Approval Standards (DOA and POA),
which are valid for all types of certified and ASTM compliant non-certified Rotax aircraft engines
Worldwide Services More than 220 Points of sales and service worldwide covering more than 100 countries worldwide

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Flight Design CT Super Sport Injection takes off in North America - 912iS

Germany-based Flight Design is now offering its CT Super Sport Injection in North America.

The model, which boasts a high cruising speed of 120 knots, a VNE of 146 knots, and a useful load of more than 600 pounds, is being reintroduced to the Americas, reported Tom Peghiny, president of Flight Design USA.

Flight duration of the fleet Total Savings CO2

Flight duration of the
Rotax 4-stroke fleet
81457150 hours
Total savings CO2 of
Rotax 4-stroke fleet
compared to competitive engines
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